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Becoming a Trunited Marketer is an exciting process offering seemingly limitless potential. You join for free, demonstrate a basic ability to drive traffic to brands, and you’re rewarded for your purchases AND the purchases of those you influenced. The marketer match is a pretty sweet deal.

Never forget why that works though. You’re able to influence others to join Trunited because, quite frankly, being a pointholder in Trunited is great! It’s free to join, you get money back with every purchase, and there is no downside.

However, there are other businesses out there who offer money back for shopping. You know Trunited is so much more than that, but the reality is that the higher the point value goes, the more incentive people have to participate in Socialized Commerce with Trunited.

So to ensure that pointholders are compensated based on their contributions, we make sure that marketers are held to the same standard through Match Depreciation.

Match depreciation is a process that falls in line with a progressive depreciation schedule to protect the point value from being drastically impacted when multiple members match on the same position and points without doing much outside of that volume to contribute to the pool.

To prevent a drop in point value from the matching over and over again on the same positions, the algorithm carries a Match Depreciation safeguard that delivers diminishing returns each time the same points are matched on multiple times.

The more times a position is matched upon, the less value in profit points the position rewards the next user matching on it. The maximum value starts with the closest user to the position and reduces the further the matching users are from the matched position, up to 5 matches.

It works as follows:

You are rewarded in marketer match according to your level of influence. So if you were the person to personally influence someone, you get 100% of match points. A second match, however is worth 75% of the points. A third match results in 50% match points, a fourth match is 45% and a fifth match is 40% match points.

The great news is that the Match Depreciation Safeguard is designed to protect the point value from those who don’t create the correct, robust and profitable structure that is blueprinted for them in the Best Practices Guidelines. Make sure to learn the Best Practices, as the Best Practices Appreciation will reverse all the depreciation of the multiple match which means that those who build a network and create loyalty will never be impacted by the Match Depreciation.

Contribution equals distribution so that everyone wins!


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