Match Depreciation and Best Practices Offset Graphics

In the network building business, the concept of riding one horse to victory creates a negative stigma that repels consumers from participating in the platform.  To remedy that cultural stigma, Trunited implements a concept called Match Depreciation to its algorithm in order to create fairness to the system and to ensure users that the path to success is the same for everyone.  Success is reached through the comprehensive networking and shopping of many individual users and not by “finding the one or two individuals” who can make success happen for them.

The great news is that the Match Depreciation Safeguard doesn’t impact anyone who is creating the robust and profitable structure that is blueprinted for them in the Best Practice Milestones.  The Best Practices Bonus awards will reverse the depreciation schedule which means that those who build a network that contributes to the value of the system will never be impacted by the Match Depreciation.


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