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Master Marketer is a term used to describe exceptional skill in marketing and promotion.  In Trunited, being a master marketer is the quest for personal growth and development.


Marketer is a term that describes an account holding user who meets the Marketer Match qualifications in a given month by earning at least 30 profit points and connecting at least one other user to the platform who does the same in a given month.  Once this user accomplishes these pre-requisites and proves an understanding of the platform and an ability to share and add value, a special welcome message is sent by Trunited founder, Dr. Nico, to congratulate the user and invite them to join the most robust marketing team on the planet with Trunited.  A marketer then agrees to terms and is set-up to take part in the marketer match and earn more.  As a marketer, the user earns 1 level of depth credit and can access up to 15 levels of referrals. 

Once a marketer, always a marketer.  However, in order to continue to qualify for the marketer match, a user needs to earn 30 points each month and have at least one referral who is also earning at least 30 points in the same month. 


Concepts and terms to further your understanding: (click to learn)

Marketer, Master Marketer, Becoming a Marketer, Be Loyal, Be Humble, Be Brave, Learn, Inspire, Unite


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