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What it means:

Marketer is a term that describes an account holding user who meets the Marketer Match qualifications in a given month by earning at least 30 profit points and connecting at least one other user to the platform who does the same in a given month.  Once this user accomplishes these pre-requisites and proves an understanding of the platform and an ability to share and add value, a special welcome message is sent by Trunited founder, Dr. Nico, to congratulate the user and invite them to join the most robust marketing team on the planet with Trunited.  A marketer then agrees to terms and is set-up to take part in the marketer match and earn more.  As a marketer, the user earns 1 level of depth credit and can access up to 15 levels of referrals. 

Once a marketer, always a marketer.  However, in order to continue to qualify for the marketer match, a user needs to earn 30 points each month and have at least one referral who is also earning at least 30 points in the same month.  

More Background and Detail:

There are few skills more important to the success of a business or entrepreneur than being an effective marketer.  Some of the greatest innovators of recent history have also been the greatest marketing minds.  Steve Jobs, known for tech innovation, was a gifted marketer who brought his ideas to life through his reality distortion field – a concept with marketing at its core that caused people to believe the impossible could be done no matter the odds.

As a lead generator and loyalty creator for brands, Trunited is a marketing company that rewards its users for their assistance in bringing about its mission.  Trunited users who refer others to the platform are marketers.  A successful Trunited marketer is one of the most distinguished titles an individual can have.  By following a recipe of success, a Trunited marketer can access the most exclusive club on the planet.  The Legends Club.

As a qualified marketer, a user earns credit not only for their own personal points, but now they are able to earn match profit points that are within their earned depth credit.  The marketer earns on 1 level of depth and can grow that in to earning up to 15 levels of depth credit.  An astounding number of generations of referrals that can be earned in perpetuity.  Meaning, as long as revenue is produced, payment will show up.

Remarkably, there is no subscription or fee necessary to become a Trunited Marketer. All a user needs to do is earn at least 30 points each month and connect one other person who does the same.  Once that’s done, the user will receive a personal invitation from Trunited Founder and Visionary, Dr. Nico, inviting them to join the marketing team.

Marketers participate in the marketer match, earn match points, and build networks of shoppers.

“I have 30 points and I referred someone to Trunited that has 25 points.  I only have to help them earn 5 more points to be a marketer and qualify for the marketer match this month!”


Example A:

If a user earns 100 points in a given month with a point value of 25 cents, they have earned $25.

When a user earns $25 on a free to join platform, take a second to acknowledge the great victory in the opportunity platform world.  With so few users who earn from their own shopping, it has to feel great to know this is the basic premise behind all success in Trunited.  Just show as many people how do to that and watch it grow virally just like a social media platform.  It’s very easy to share.

Trunited has access to almost every retailer on the market.  Plus, it offers huge profit points for purchases through those high-quality Big Reward Brands direct on Plus, don’t forget that those who don’t want to connect can be sent product links with promos with a user’s ID attached in the URL for them to get credit as if they bought the product.  So, send a few links to hot deals and products to your contact list or share some info on Trunited Travel with someone who travels and wants to save up to 55%.  Real Savings!  A hotel for $100 when its $150 everywhere else.  And, users earn 9-11% profit points on top of those savings!  Trunited Travel operates in partnership with priceline and uses the same booking engine as, and  A $9b company!

And now as a Trunited Marketer, a user can earn from personal shopping, guests who shop and now, others who are connected to the platform and create an account.

When a referral is connected to Trunited and does what the referring user does by earning 100 personal points, the new user will also earn $25+ and the referring user will double their earnings to $50!  That’s what the Marketer Match can do!

And guess what?  The earnings can extend wide and far as the network grows.  As long as the user keeps it up, the 15 levels of depth credit and hundreds of thousands of points earned in the marketer match represent the potential that exists for each and every new marketer.


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