Marketer Match

This section answers the following questions:

What does marketer match mean?

How does the marketer match impact me?

How much do I need to qualify for the marketer match?

Is there a limit on points I earn in the marketer match?

Is the marketer match like earning connection points?


What it means:

Marketer Match is a term used to describe the monthly marketer qualification event to determine the number of profit points are to be awarded to a user from referral positions in their network.  The profit points earned from referrals are referred to as Match Points. 

The marketer match is governed by five main concepts:

  1. Marketer Qualification:  To qualify as a marketer and participate in the marketer match, an account holding user must earn at least 30 personal points in a given month.
  2. Depth Credit:  A user can only match on positions in the network within the depth credit they have earned in a given month.  The depth credit is determined by structure and rank, ranging from 1 up to 15 levels.  See Depth Credit.
  3. Match Up:  A rule that qualified users can only be awarded match points up to as many profit points as they have personally earned in a given month.  The Match Up occurs after personal points are contributed to the platform for Pointribution.  See Match Up.
  4. Match Depreciation:  The more times a position is matched upon, the fewer profit points the position rewards the next user matching on it.  The maximum value starts with the closest user to the position and reduces the further away the users are from the matched position.  The depreciation schedule accounts for the first 5 matches.
  5. Best Practices Milestones:  Match Depreciation is overcome by users who develop a strong network and earn the Best Practices Milestones.  There are 5 total milestones that reverse the full effect of match depreciation.  See Best Practices Milestones.

More Background and Detail:

To continue to qualify for the marketer match each month, a user must earn at least 30 points each month.

“I’m so glad I qualified for the Marketer Match this month.  Now I get to earn from the leads and traffic I’ve referred to Trunited and its affiliated brands.”


Example A:

Let’s look at how this impacts a user’s income.

Assume the point value in a given month is $0.25

If User A earns 100 profit points in a given month, they have earned $25.

User A earns 100 points in the next month, but also refers and connects 6 other users to the Trunited platform and all of them earn 100 points that month.  How much more does User A earn?

Since User A earned 100 personal points, the Match Up will be 100 points awarded for every qualified user in User A’s network depth credit.  Since these users were all personally referred, all 6 are in level 1 and User A will be awarded match points for all 6.  That means User A earns their 100 personal points plus an extra 100 profit points from each of the 6 referrals.  That equals 700 total profit points earned in a given month for User A.

At a $0.25 point value, that’s 700 x $0.25 = $175 or 6 times more money paid this month than the previous.

Example B:

Order of events in the Month End Marketer Match

  1. Calculate Personal Profit Points
  2. 30 Point Match Qualifier
  3. Skip Structure Compressed
  4. Rank, Title and Depth Credit Revealed
  5. Match Up Determined
  6. Match Depreciation Adjusted
  7. Best Practices Milestones Reversal
  8. Pre-Pointribution Match Profit Points
  9. Calculate the Point Value
  10. Pointribution Payback
  11. Users’ Final Profit Points Calculated
  12. Points Convert to Cash


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