Loyalty Commerce

Loyalty Commerce is a term used to describe the creation of loyalty to brands by consumers and to consumers by brands through the process of social commerce.  A brand incentivizes a consumer to be loyal by adding an element of value add beyond the product it sells.  For example, a brand that offers a discount, promotion, commission earnings or a unique experience is engaging in loyalty commerce with its consumer base.

Loyalty, a desire of all businesses to establish with their customer base, is becoming more and more difficult to acquire as the modern consumer savvy increases and options broaden.  Billions of dollars are spent each year on customer acquisition, engagement and retention.  Most entrepreneurs and innovators underestimate, unknowingly, the cost of loyalty when they set out to start a business.

Trunited focuses its efforts on creating loyalty for brands and consumers alike.  As opposed to manufacturing a product, the platform spends its time, money and resources promoting and driving traffic to affiliated brands.  As a result, Trunited walks side by side with brands as a partner in loyalty generation in hopes of providing a superior result at a fraction of the cost.

“Your company should get on the Trunited platform and participate in Loyalty Commerce.”


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