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We know what you must be thinking at this point:

I get paid cash for all my purchases AND I can make more money by sharing Trunited with others? How?! What’s the catch?

The “what” of Trunited sounds great, but to truly embrace the format and find success with Trunited, it’s vital that you first understand the “why”.


Like an Uber Driver or an Amazon Seller, a Trunited user is given a unique opportunity to be the driver of one of the most exciting and innovative tech companies on the planet. For the Trunited user, that’s the chance to monetize your buying power and influence, big or small, in the world of online shopping and commerce. And, instead of trading hours for dollars in a car every day, earning with Trunited can be and is done from any location – your bed, the beach, a ski resort or a library. It is an absolutely free-to-join, no-obligation-nor-contract ecommerce-driven platform that is setting its own tone and creating its own niche in the world of business and commerce. That niche is Loyalty Commerce.

The world of commerce and today’s climate provide very little hope, unless you can spend millions up front, for companies to attract and retain a customer through traditional marketing methods. Companies without experience or know-how in developing the right message and culture to generate loyal customers will spend millions of dollars on an area of business in which they didn’t set out to be proficient. Most brands turn into companies because they have a great product and they are great at making that specific product. Most entrepreneurs who set out to start a business underestimate the resources it takes to acquire customers and never consider the near impossible task of developing loyalty. Their product is not loyalty. Creating Loyalty is a part of business that owners rarely think about from an expense standpoint, yet billions of dollars are spent each year with little to no return. The price of loyalty is far out of reach for 99% of the businesses in the world. Again, their product is not loyalty. That’s where Trunited steps in to assist.

Trunited’s product is loyalty. Trunited puts brands in a position to do what they do best and while they deliver products to customers, Trunited handles loyalty creation. Instead of millions paid to an ad agency for a television commercial that may or may not create a return, Trunited delivers loyalty at a fraction of the cost to brands, and the best news for these brands is they only have to pay for it when they make a sale. When the cash register rings, brands pay. That is music to the ears of brand owners. The need to spend money for inefficient marketing is gone. It didn’t work anyway. There was just no other choice to attract customers, let alone retain them.

Retention is a thing of the past.  Companies no longer put emphasis on retaining current customers.  Why?  Because it’s the big black hole in their accounting ledger.  It’s a never-ending game of spending time and money with little return.  The impact is exponential, in fact, because instead of focusing on what brands do best, they find themselves trying to solve this impossible riddle.  When they could be developing the next great product for their brand or working on expanding to a new market, they are stuck in a meeting with the board wondering how they are going to balance the monthly budget AND spend money to attract new customers just to keep them from losing money this month!

Simply put, Trunited is a Loyal-Lead Generating Marketing Company that gets paid by brands and everyday retailers for driving traffic to their websites and products. The name Trunited means Truly United.  Loyalty is in our DNA.  Creating loyal leads is our unique proposition to brands.  Paying a premium for loyalty is our unique proposition to the everyday consumer.

And thus, you get paid for living your life!


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