Loving Trunited for What it is NOT

As home business booms and more people give Trunited a closer look, we think it’s absolutely critical to explain what Trunited is NOT.

There’s enough things to worry about these days. So rest assured knowing these all-too-common pitfalls are not a factor when building your Trunited home business:

Trunited is NOT a platform that will charge you money to join.

Anyone can go to trunited.com and set up a free account today.

Trunited is NOT interested in collecting yearly fees or charging money for marketing materials.

There are no hidden fees and no minimum purchases; all marketing help and mentorship is free. When you win, everyone wins. So we help each other out.

Trunited is NOT going to ask you to buy a ton of products to fill up your garage.

When you use your autoship, you earn money back. When you connect others to do the same, you earn even more money back. Add awesome, consumable products (an awesome daily vitamin and/or or energy drink) once a month without lifting a finger.

Trunited is NOT about charging exorbitant prices for products nobody needs.

Trunited is privately owned and debt-free. There’s no need to charge ridiculous prices. All of the products on the platform are priced competitively with similar products (and generally the same brands and products) as the big online retailers. Plus, Trunited pays money back.

Trunited is NOT designed to make a few people a ton of money at the expense of everyone else.

The Trunited pay plan is the most generous in the industry. Just as importantly, it contains meticulous safeguards to help ensure everyone benefits, not a select few. The goal is not to make a few people as much money as possible; the goal is to help one million families earn $500/month in extra income.

Trunited is NOT set up with expensive overhead and exorbitant salaries for corporate types.

At the end of each month, all profit earned through purchases goes back to the members. Trunited participants are treated like shareholders. They’re called pointholders, because the number of points they earn (times the point value each month) dictates the amount of money they earn each month. Input equals output.

Trunited is NOT okay with selfishness.

The Trunited Nation is all about community. And it is an amazing community. In order to grow with Trunited, you need a giving mindset. The process doesn’t work for people who don’t have this mindset. So Trunited members work together, for each other, to help everyone. Because every time one person succeeds in Trunited, it benefits everyone.

If this sounds good to you, sign up for free at trunited.com. And feel free to reach out to that community. We’re always excited to help a new member get started!