Pay Plan Videos- Learning Best Practices


This video is essential to your success as a Master Marketer because it answers a vital question…

How do I build the right way?

It’s simple. Follow the best practices we’ve outlined for you. Not only is the algorithm set up to protect the end user at all costs, it also is designed to award those who positively impact the payout pool and point value in big ways with big compensation. When you impact the bottom line in a dramatic way, you deserve dramatic results. In this spirit, the algorithm includes exciting bonuses for those who follow “Best Practices Blueprint.”

This best practices blueprint is designed to be the building blocks upon which a strong and robust marketer business can and should be constructed. Because these best practices are designed to assist the marketer in constructing the most robust business, the items listed and taught are also a critical piece to an overall positive impact on the point value.

As such, these best practices carry a bonus value that will counteract match depreciation. For every best practice milestone you achieve, you will be rewarded with one more match level before depreciation begins.

So, for instance, let’s say you obtain 100 personal points. Instead of getting 75% for your second match, you will receive 100%. The entire scale moves down, which means you would get 75% on the next match, 50% on the next after that, and so on. In essence, it’s a sliding scale that rewards you with another level of 100% match points for every best practice you achieve in a given month.

This system allows any marketer to:

  1. Be guided on the best practices to be an effective marketer and earn his or her max potential and
  2. Be rewarded for best practices accomplishments by reversing the effect of the depreciation schedule and having the chance, through best-practice building, to earn 100% on every single position and all points in his or her marketership. The marketer is able to distinguish him or herself drastically by building a network of loyal leads and pointholders that best serves and rewards everyone involved.

This is the end goal: to build success within the system and earn more money as a result of an individual’s true contribution to the Network. There are 5 total milestones that can reverse the full effect of the 5 match depreciation events. A user can earn 1-5 milestones in a given month and each must be earned before advancing to the next.

So know these well:

First, be a 100 point pointholder. You’ll want volume in order to fully benefit from your matches, but 100 points is the minimum amount of personal points an aspiring marketer should obtain each month.

Next develop three frontline matches with 100 plus personal points.

Then, extend that frontline to six matches with 100 plus personal points.

From there, you’ll want 3 different frontline users who have 10 users with 100 personal points in your depth credit.

And finally, 6 different frontline users who have 15 users with 100 personal points in your depth credit.

The bottom line is that the Pay Plan 360 algorithm is designed to protect everyone by rewarding those who build the right way and positively impact the payout pool. This means those master marketers who follow building principles that increase point value will not be impacted by the depreciation schedule.

Best Practices truly reward the marketer for the effort of following the simple recipe and its positive impact on the company point value. The company point value impacts and drives every single aspect of the company’s attractiveness to the “savvy shopper” and “entrepreneur.” So never forget, when it comes to rewards:

If you build it, they will come.


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