If you’re going to do something, do it right.

There are many ways to grow in Trunited, but those who grow the right way, the most productive way, are the ones who will find themselves with the most rewards. So it only makes sense to study the system in order to fully understand how to get the most benefits possible from your marketership.

Trunited offers everyone the chance to shop and earn. For the more ambitious, there’s the chance to become a marketer through the chance to shop, share, and earn.

The real entrepreneurs, however, add one more key element:

Shop, share, LEARN, and earn.

Knowledge is power, and the Trunited Way equips you with a LOT of knowledge.


  1. Learn about Best Practices, follow them, and avoid Match Depreciation.
  2. Download the Official Trunited App and upgrade to get advanced training.
  3. Make sure you’re getting the latest emails from Trunited and that you’re checking in regularly to Marketer Central and Shopper Central.
  4. Read through the Pay Plan 360 and watch videos.
  5. Talk to other marketers. Find mentors and provide mentorship.

Study like a scholar, invest in yourself, and the results will follow.


Concepts and terms that are helpful to understand at this point: (click to learn)

Skip Compression, Match Depreciation, Best Practices Milestones, Pay Plan 360 Contents,


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