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The general goal in Trunited is to become a PaceSetter and then develop more PaceSetters. A PaceSetter is anyone in the Trunited Nation who creates at least 30 points of commerce in a given month and who has connected three others to Trunited who have each connected two, and who have each connected one person who also all do 30 points in a given month. You’ll now have access to three levels of depth credit, which means you’re in line to start bringing in consistent, significant money for your influence.

Pacesetters are an incredibly important for the Trunited Marketing Engine. They symbolize leadership and stability. PaceSetters are invested because they are making good money and have shown the ability to help connect others to the same opportunity, so they are also reliable contributors to the payout pool every month.

So how do you become a PaceSetter?

The PaceSetter is a very simple 3-2-1 structure. Earn at least 30 points a month and connect others who will do the same. Help those you connect bring in connections of their own. If you utilize all of the amazing options Trunited has to offer and set the example for others, things will take care of themselves. Also, it helps to understand that you can grow both width and depth. You succeed not only by connecting others, but by those you connected finding success and connecting others.

It is very attainable if you build the right way. But what if you want to continue building? Can you grow beyond a PaceSetter?

The answer is yes, you can absolutely continue to grow. Not only that, you should grow your sphere of influence naturally because that is what the system is set up to do. As others in your field of influence build the right way, they’ll become PaceSetters, too. And every time that happens, you’ll get an additional level of depth credit.

If someone in your three levels of depth credit becomes a PaceSetter, your bonus extends out another level. So the more PaceSetters you can get in your width, the more depth you can attain.

Once you add a PaceSetter in your depth you gain access to four levels of depth credit, and when someone else in those levels becomes a PaceSetter, you’re up to five levels. Anyone in that sphere creates another 3-2-1 structure, and you are now up to six levels of depth credit.

It’s important to note that you only expand to another level of depth credit when a PaceSetter is developed in a new “leg”. A leg starts with each person you personally connect in your first level of depth. So, if you personally connect ten people, you have ten legs. When a PaceSettter develops on one of those legs, you get another level of depth.

When a new PaceSetter develops on a leg that already has a PaceSetter, it’s still great for you and the Network as a whole, but it doesn’t add to your depth credit.

It’s also important to note that in order to get credit for a PaceSetter in one of your legs, that PaceSetter must fall within one of your current levels of depth credit. As you move forward, your sphere of influence will continue to grow, and along with it, your profit points and payout will rise exponentially. If you concentrate on building a strong inner circle, this will happen. Strong width means strong depth, and you can actually earn up to 15 levels of depth credit. That’s twelve legs with a PaceSetter in each leg.

Though your depth has limits at the highest levels, there are no limits on width. This means that you can continue to connect as many people to Trunited as possible while still getting full credit on your first level.

As your influence grows and you add more PaceSetters within your depths, you will begin to develop new leadership titles. These titles signify your growth as a social influencer and Marketer.

To reach these levels, make sure to educate yourself on the Trunited system. Then, connect others to the platform and educate them. Before you know it, you will become a Trunited Influencer, a Trunited Partner, a Trunited Icon, and even a Trunited Legend.


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