Jarvis is a nickname given to Trunited tech expert, Damon Porter, older brother of Trunited Founder, Dr. Nicolas Porter.  

Dr. Porter first referred to his brother as Jarvis in 2016 in reference to his ability to bring to life the disruptive and impossible ideas he had in the same way the digital intelligence, Jarvis, in the popular comic book franchise, Ironman, was able to do for the Ironman, Tony Stark.

The nickname became an instant meme in the Trunited community with users applauding Jarvis with each technical software tool custom built for Trunited users.

“Thank you, Jarvis, for adding the tree view to the back end tools of Trunited.”

(Rumors that Jarvis stands over seven feet tall and that he is an Olympic gold-medal winner have yet to be substantiated.)