It’s Strawberry September!

“Put your business hats on,” Carlos Salguero told the pumped up crowd on the first Fast Track Fellowship Zoom of September.

There’s a big surprise coming down the line, and you’re going to like it. Carlos promises. You can’t ask any questions, because those in the know refuse to ruin the surprise. So you just have to trust the leaders who trust you as a business owner. Trust that this is the best move for your business:

If you have Orange Vengo in your TruBox this month, switch to Strawberry.

Just this month, being a strawberry fan is the best way to go. You can edit your TruBox in your back office by going to “Orders” and “TruBox (Add/Edit)”. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask a mentor for help. They’re always excited to help and they want to hear from you more, not less.