Introducing with Style and Substance

The Trunited Family is growing daily. New Business Owner growth continues to compound and the momentum is palpable. This community has embraced the 2 Product, 3 Step process and we are chasing our dreams together like never before!

Think about how far you’ve come and how far you will go! What will your business look like in two years? What will it look like in five years?

As you continue to take action daily, take note that it’s not just how many people you connect, but also HOW you connect them that counts.

Here are a few tips and examples of how to set new members of the Trunited Family up for success right away:

Bring Them to Weekly Webinars –

Every single time you connect someone to Trunited, you should be making sure to bring them to the weekly webinars. These happen at 6:30 PM PST/9:30 PM EST every Monday and Wednesday at

This resource is invaluable for a Trunited Business Owner. In fact, it is an invaluable resource for people in general, as the high-quality training extends far beyond just building your business and into entrepreneurial wisdom and self-improvement insights. Carlos Salguero is a top 1% seller on Amazon, and he spends a great deal of time each week absorbing as much self-improvement knowledge as possible from myriad sources to bring back to the Trunited Family each week.

If you want to set yourself and others up for success, both in Trunited and in life, get everyone on these weekly webinars!

Introduce Them on the Trunited Family Facebook Page –

That Wednesday webinar is an unbelievable way to connect with the Trunited community. Another way to establish that connection is through the Trunited Family Facebook Page.

Trunited Family members post all sorts of great content on here, so you definitely want to make it part of your regular routine. It’s also an amazing way to introduce new Trunited Business Owners to the rest of the community. 

We have started adding new entrepreneurs at a breakneck pace, so you’ll want to introduce them with style and substance in order to help the rest of the Trunited Family get to know them. Here’s a 10/10 example of how to introduce someone, courtesy of Ricky Gaoteote:

Ricky said: ‼️New Business Owner ALERT‼️ Ladies and Gentlemen, it was only a matter of time, but through God’s will, it was done! Allow me to introduce to you my older brother Malosi Gaoteote‘s newest business partner, our OLDER brother Fili Gaoteote Jr.!!!
  Here he is, in his own words, “I’m so excited to introduce an opportunity that I stumbled over. To be honest, it was God’s vision that opened my eyes instead of being skeptical. My family (all of my 9 siblings and their families) have engaged in this opportunity so I thought why not share it with my extended family and close friends. I’m only in the cultivating phase so I’m going through my contacts to see whom I can share this opportunity with. When Uber and Amazon had their initial vision and ideas, many skeptics thought it couldn’t be done but look at them now. So imagine if we could have invested $50 as a shareholder when they started, we would be millionaires. So, that’s the vision we have with this opportunity. I cannot foresee the future but with our God in our midst anything is possible. Anyhow, like I said, I’m in the starting phase so let’s lock arms together, roll up our sleeves, and work for ourselves. We can do this. God bless you all always.”
Fili is a former restaurant owner, entrepreneur, businessman, loving husband to his beautiful wife Jennifer, and his 3 amazing kids, Sinaloa, Uitualagi, and Silauleleioaleipata. He is also the Chairman for the Board of Directors for the Emanuelu Samoan Free Methodist Church and serves devotedly. Bro, thank you, you’ve given this a chance because you’ve seen the values and the benefits that it could bring from a $50 investment. Let’s do it together as a family and get out there and bless others! Love you bro!!  — with Fili Gaoteote Jr. and Jennifer Gaoteote.

Connect Them to an Expert –

Don’t try to be an expert!

There are so many amazing leaders and mentors in Trunited who are thrilled to help you out, and nothing works better than putting a new person in contact with someone who knows the answers to all their questions.

The leaders of Trunited want you to blow up their phones. So make it happen. Edify a leader and introduce a new Trunited Business Owner to them. Be a connector and watch those you connect find tremendous success!

Utilize the Launch Page and Script –

Everything you need to know when connecting someone is listed on one convenient page. There’s a script, visuals, and information that is super helpful to get anyone and everyone started on the right foot!

So when you connect someone, connect them with style and substance. Use the launch page and script, connect them with an expert, introduce them to the Trunited Family, and plug them in to the webinars. Before you know it, you’ll have a team filled with hungry, happy winners!