Calling all Youtube Stars, Twitter Prodigies, Marketing Masters, and Influential, Charismatic Superstars! We’re looking for Influencers from all industries and walks of life.

If you’ve got social stock to spare, Trunited is the platform of your dreams.

We have a unique algorithm designed to finally reward anyone and everyone who directs traffic to brands the way they deserve to be rewarded. If you have a ton of followers who trust your opinion, then your opinion is worth its weight in gold. We get that.

Trunited has the tools to help any major influencer put 100,000 points on the board. At a 25 cent point value, that’s $25,000. And there is nothing limiting you from more points and more cash. If you bring the influence, the Trunited Nation will deliver the cash…and you’ll be helping everyone else put points on the board too!

So reach out to us at and let’s make the future brighter together, today!



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