How to Shop and Earn

Shopping and earning through is as easy as it gets. Sign in, search for the product you wish to purchase, and then buy that product just like you would an any other site. The only difference is now you’re getting paid to do it.

Of course, Trunited isn’t the only site that offers incentives for purchases. However, it is the only site that offers so many exciting ways to earn cash back. And every time you make a purchase through Trunited, you’re getting points.

There are hundreds of brands connected to Trunited, and the product options are virtually unlimited. As a Trunited shopper, you have access to a virtual “who’s who” of brands willing to offer you compensation for your buying power. Buy what you already buy, but earn cash back. Find the brands who are willing to pay you the most for your loyalty and invest your energy in their products.

There is no cost to get started since Trunited operates through a revolutionary concept called pointribution, and there are so many options available to you as a Trunited shopper.

Don’t take our word for it; head to the main page of to search through the Trunited Marketplace for whatever your heart desires. And know that once you make a purchase, you’re a Trunited pointholder.

The best way to rack up points is to be ready in advance, so it’s key to have your TruWallet set up and funded at all times. Once you’ve gotten that down, you can shop and earn to your heart’s content, allowing you to get paid just for living your life!


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