How to Order Your TruBox Auto Shipment

The TruBox auto shipment is the most convenient, lucrative, and cost-effective way to order top brands and get big points from Trunited. You get the brands you want shipped to your door every month, the Trunited Nation saves costs which helps to increase the point value, and you’ll in turn get the best buys and point payouts available on the Trunited platform!

So where do you sign up, right?

Well, ordering your TruBox is easy. Simply scroll down from “Shop” on the top bar on and select “TruBox”.


This will take you to some of your favorite products with some of the most loyal brands on Trunited. You can select whether you’d like your item every month or every 2 months and then proceed to checkout. This will ensure you’re getting big points and great products delivered directly to your door with consistency. It’s a must-have for every great Trunited Marketer, and an amazing option for any and all Trunited Shoppers.


Now, let’s say you want to review and manage your TruBox and change up what you receive each month. That’s easy as well. To edit, your TruBox shipments, log in to your back office, head to “Orders” and scroll down to the TruBox option.

This will set it up so that you receive the products you want each month in your TruBox auto shipment. You can set your first order up with TruWallet. From there on, the orders process via credit card payment on the same day of every month. They ship soon thereafter each month, showing up on your door step. It’s as easy as that!

In fact, all you have to do to qualify for the 30 point match every month is order the Power Pack Daily from Healthy Vida. It even comes with free shipping! Add that core item to your TruBox and refer one other person to do the same and you’re set up as a Marketer.

So order your TruBox today and watch the points fly!