How to Leverage the Trunited Video

On the home page of, there’s an amazing video. It explains Trunited in only 10 minutes efficiently and effectively. This home page video is a tremendous tool for you to utilize.

In fact, it is the best option to leverage when connecting others more often than not. If you have a contact who is over-the-moon excited and ready to go, setting up a Zoom call is the way to go. However, for most people who are new and trying to figure things out, the goal should be to introduce them to the video.

The beautiful thing about this approach? It’s explained and included in the Trunited script!

Head to to access the script (or click the button below).

With that in mind, James Wood shared some amazing tips and rules on how to properly leverage the home page video. Here’s some important things to keep in mind:

  • It’s critical that you memorize the script. Other than making a list of contacts, this is the single most important step when beginning to build your business.
  • Say the following at some point: “This is important to me.” It’s essential the other person know that. If this is made clear, and they still are wishy-washy on checking out the video, they were never a good prospect and you are saving time moving on to others.
  • Don’t answer questions. Once you do this, you will never stop. Also, the prospect will think they also have to answer questions. The video explains what they need to know perfectly! Try saying, “I know enough to be excited, but I don’t want to mess this up,” and then getting them to the video.
  • HOLD THE VIDEO HOSTAGE. Give it up only when someone agrees to watch it and then schedules a time for you to follow up. This is a tried and true method. When you just tell someone to watch the video and don’t schedule a follow-up, you’re looking at a 15% success rate (or less for some).
  • Have THEM schedule a follow-up. Make it clear you are writing down the time in your calendar so that they will do the same. When they have set up an actual appointment in their calendar, they are MUCH more likely to take watching the video seriously.

Of course, this won’t work every time. BUT…all the people having success building their business are following this process. This is the way to do it, and the way to get better is by doing it.

So get out there and make your dreams a reality by sharing the home page video the right way!