How to Launch Your Trunited Business

Congratulations on your decision to join Trunited! Now, it’s time to get you launched!

Trunited has streamlined and perfected the process of building a home business with 2 Products and 3 Steps.

Step 1: Create a free account

Step 2: Add Vengo, Healthy Vida, or both to your monthly subscription order.

Step 3: Connect six others that also have a subscription

Repeat Step 3 by helping your six connect six others and you can see BIG results!

And even BIGGER results when you build to a third level.

Once you’ve completed steps 1 and 2, you’re ready for step 3. When reaching out to connect others, memorize the following script:

(You don’t have to follow this word for word, ONCE YOU MEMORIZE IT…this is just a basic flow of how to keep the exposure SUPER short!)


Hey Steve…I was just curious, are you at all open to bringing in any additional income outside what you’re currently doing in (real estate)? I’m working on putting something really special together here in Denver (or there in Nashville…)


Sure. It depends on what it is.


Yeah, of course….What would I have to do?


There’s a good friend of mine who is working directly with one of Amazon’s top sellers, and they’re literally teaching people FOR FREE how to generate an extra stream of income from home with just one inexpensive item found on Amazon.

(You can add, once you’re comfortable, “I have the ability to share this with six people, and right away I thought of you…We can learn together!”)

Does that sound like something you might be interested in?


Sure, I’ll check it out…….sounds interesting. How does it work?/ What would I have to do?/ How do you make money with it?/ Can I get some more info?


Perfect. I’m going to send you a short twelve minute overview. It can explain it way better than I can. When do you think you’ll be able to watch it………when is a good time to follow up?


Even better, do you have a few minutes to watch it RIGHT NOW?

**** DO NOT share the overview until they confirm the exact time for you to follow up with them! (Unless they can watch it WITH you on their phone.) Once they’ve agreed upon a time for you to reconnect after watching the overview, THEN send them to or your specific Trunited url to watch the video on the home page.


When you reconnect at the time THEY specified, simply ask:

Now that you’ve seen the video,



If they are ready to get started, or have any questions AT ALL, GET THEM ON A THREE WAY CALL WITH YOUR ACTIVE LEADER. DO NOT BE THE EXPERT!


Make sure they are engaging with and attending these weekly live webinars:

There is even a weekly webinar for Spanish-speaking entrepreneurs on Tuesdays!

Here’s a chart of the depth credit milestones you can reach in Trunited. Each step offers bigger and better payouts, and they are all reached naturally by following the 2 Products, 3 Steps plan.