How to Disrupt a $35B industry? Be 8 Times More Generous. Behold the Power of Loyal Shoppers + Loyal Brands

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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You discovered Trunited and all that it has to offer and you couldn’t be more thrilled about it! You get money back for shopping and even more money back for sharing with others? And it’s free to join?!

Except…not everyone is as excited as you are about it.

Maybe they’re just not ready. Most online purchases happen after someone has been exposed to an idea or product several times, after all.

People are busy. People are skeptical. People don’t know what Trunited is yet.

Fear not! For some people, this just isn’t for them. For the vast majority of others, they sometimes just need to be shown instead of told.

That’s why we made this convenient graphic. Because a picture is worth 1,000 words…and a really great picture could be worth a lot more than 1,000 points!

So utilize this graphic, learn the basics new people need to know, and watch the points roll in. We’ve even made a basic script to follow so you can make sure to hit the important features.

Remember…it’s not always about the quantity of connections. Quality connections who can duplicate your efforts are far more valuable than several people who don’t understand or appreciate how much it pays to be one of the Most Loyal Shoppers on Earth.

In that spirit, we’ve also put together an explanation of this graphic, as well as a breakdown of each step:

How to Disrupt a $35B industry? Be 8 Times More Generous. Behold the Power of Loyal Shoppers + Loyal Brands

The main thing everyone should know about Trunited is that we get it. Network marketing has its issues. This is an industry with some serious flaws and an industry that has consistently failed far too many people.

It’s also an industry that brings in $35 billion a year. Multi-level marketing is a brilliant idea, executed poorly, and all too often undermined by greed.

Trunited is the industry disruptor.

We connect loyal brands and loyal shoppers to charge half the prices for products, and we pay out 4 times more. That’s eight times the generosity than the network marketing standard.

We’re taking that brilliant idea, executing it the way it deserves, and ensuring that everyone benefits, not just a select few. Here’s all you need to know:

1. Shop| Earn

Trunited is all about simplicity. Shop and Earn. There are no minimums to earn from your own purchases. Even though there are no minimums, we believe it’s a realistic goal to earn 100 points in a month. To earn 100 points, you can personally shop from hundreds of brands. From gift cards to everyday retailers to the modern day brands who pay out the most, there are so many options.

Remember – We’re industry disruptors, so you don’t have to spend anything if you don’t want to. In fact, you can simply share a link, brand or product with someone (a guest shopper) and when they purchase, the points go to you.

Whether it’s a hotel stay that you book through our Priceline relationship on Trunited Travel, sending roses for Mother’s Day from our farm-to-table direct flower partner or using a couple bottles of the biggest reward brand, Ciela, to look your very best while getting rewarded with 70 points for every $100 spent….You can earn points by shopping or by sharing a URL link with someone.

So you can shop yourself, share links with guest shoppers, or do both to reach your monthly personal goal. Either way, earning 100 points is the most important step.

We even have Best Bang Bundles that offer great products that pay the most points per dollar together to simplify the process. You can get a bundle that pays out 100 points for $129.99.

Vitamins, beauty products, and the like are rampant in the industry, but we offer only the highest quality options that, compared with the competition, cost 1/2 the price…yet the plan still provides a 4X payout.  Here’s how:

At the end of each month, Trunited converts your points into cash – you can withdraw the cash, use it for next month or share it with someone else. At a point value of $0.20-$0.25, that’s $20-$25 on the 100 points.

Get that 100 points each month. And then, just do what you would do naturally. When you see a great movie, you tell your friends. When you join a social media site, you add your friends so you can share the things you love. When you find great deals and a site that allows you to earn cash just by shopping the way you normally would, you tell people about it.

And you’ll soon find that doing what comes naturally pays big when it comes to Trunited.

2. Shop | Share | Earn More

Trunited has a unique referral payout system. You shop and earn. Then, if you shop AND share, you’ll earn more when others connect and shop from the website. Now, this isn’t one of those things… It’s free. You don’t get paid to go sign up a bunch of people and no one gets rich signing you up.

However, Trunited rewards you points and pays you for those points when someone you refer uses the website and does what you did in step 1 – earns 100 points.

When this happens with 10 people, that’s 1000 points. With the same value as step 1, that’s $200-$250 plus the $20-$25 you earn from your own points. What would an extra $200 pay for? Gas, car payment?

The best part is that this isn’t just a one-time benefit like referring your neighbor to a wireless company who gives you $50. This lasts as long as those referrals shop and it doesn’t reduce in value over time. You get those 1000 points today and continue to earn those points every month for 20 years if those people are still shopping.

It doesn’t have to stop there. Putting thousands of points on the board each month is a matter of the sharing continuing – up to 15 generations. That means those you refer who refer who refer who refer who refer who… well, refer and so on. It’s the most inclusive compensation plan in how many generations it rewards you.

And the best part? Every person you refer benefits, just like you did in step one.

3. The Value of Shoppers Who Share

The exciting part is taking that $200 and turning it in to $2,000. That happens when the 10 with whom you shared now connect 10 each, with everyone earning 100 points.

What’s important to note is that each person is earning their own $20 for shopping and the 10 who shared with 10 are now also making an additional $200. In this case, you’re now being rewarded with even more points – 10,000 points to be precise. There is no complicated math with this. 10,000 points multiplied by the company point value, which has historically been between $0.20 and $0.25, and you will be paid $2,000.

Now, what would you do with an extra $25,000/year? Let’s not forget the fact that this doesn’t go away after one month. And once you build a network where EVERYONE is earning something, you tap in to a stability that is really hard to come by in networking. There is no one who is paying a fee to you. You’re not paying for unneeded business tools. No one is making money to sell you their CD or book. This is earnings from strictly products that people are consuming monthly and there is very little that is as bulletproof as that.

4. Taking it to Another Level

Now, let’s take it one step further. And, let me point out that we are still just at the 3rd generation level of a total of 15.

The 10 you referred each refer 10 and their 10 now refer 10 who all do 100 points. The math is simple. Here it is.

Every shopper earns and every sharer earns more. Everyone who earns 100 points is earning $20-$25 based on a $0.20-$0.25 point value. The first 10 sharing shoppers are now each earning $2,000 while the second group of sharing shoppers are each earning $200.

How much are you earning on 100,000 points? Yes, you got it, $20,000! We call that a new life. We call that the dream-maker. We call that the power of the Trunited system utlizing existing technology and combining it with a much needed updated algorithm and platform that puts it in a niche all on its own.

You can’t label what Trunited is because it’s a performer of its own and it continues to get better and better and better and the more users flock to it. The brands become more numerous and the purchasing power of the network will drive brands and companies to offer better percentages, better prices and better all-around service. After all, we are the Most Loyal Shoppers on Earth and brands want to tap in to this.

5. Trunited’s Trajectory of Success

It’s important to understand the key points that separate Trunited from anything else out there. This is an industry-disrupting platform that allows you to simply shop for whatever you want in order to earn. There is no sign-up fee or outside costs. There are no minimum purchases required. And you can share and earn by simply sending a link. It’s as easy as that.

It’s also important to understand that Trunited remains focused on that mission of being the industry disruptor. We’ve already reached several milestones that set us apart. Trunited is a multi-million-dollar self-funded platform with zero debt. This platform has created relationships with hundreds of top brands and has managed to incentivize and reward those brands for their loyalty to our shoppers while resulting in over one million dollars in shopper payouts. And we will never lose sight of our Give to Grow focus.

A brilliant idea that spawned a $35 billion per year industry, executed the way it deserves, where everyone benefits.

That is Trunited.

Let me get you that link.


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