How to Become a Marketer

If you love shopping on Trunited, make sure to let others know.

First of all, it’s the right thing to do. Why not share this great opportunity with those you care about?

Secondly, it’s just a natural thing we all do. When you see a great movie, you tell others to check it out. When you joined a social media site, you invited others to come along. When you start earning cash through Trunited for everyday purchases, you let your friends and family know!

Finally, it’s the next step to making Trunited work for you. We have the most loyal shoppers on Earth because everyone wins, and when you connect others to the platform you win big!

When you get 30 profit points in a month, you’re eligible to become a Trunited Marketer.

All you have to do is sign the Marketer agreement you’ll receive via email and you are good to go. You’ll start earning match points for every person you connect to the platform, and the sky is the limit from there. Once you’re part of the most expansive, robust marketing team out there, you’ll be guided on how to succeed with the platform (with a little life advice thrown in just because!), but if you’d like to sneak ahead, check out our Becoming a Master Marketer series.

Connecting someone to the platform is simple. Just tell a friend, family member, or fellow human being (we could all use some more cash) to sign up on for free and make sure they use your phone number (it’s searchable) when filling out the “Referred By” section. Even better, send them a personal link to join using a custom url (this is found after you sign in on your Trunited Nation Passport) and your name will automatically be filled in. You can also send links to individual pages to guest shoppers.

Learn How to Share Using Your Personal URL

Learn How to Share Any Page with Your Personal URL Parameter

It’s that easy.

Of course, if you’re happy doing what you’re doing (we can’t blame you!) and want to remain a loyal Trunited shopper, we are happy to have you. Know that every decision we make is with our shoppers in mind. After all, our loyalty to you is the only reason this whole beautiful thing works!

But if you’re looking to go big, we’d recommend sharing and growing. Make sure to read up on the Trunited Way, and DEFINITELY download the Official Trunited App and upgrade so you can receive advanced training and real-time notifications!


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Learn How to Share Using Your Personal URL


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