Home Depot is Back and Better Than Ever

You may have noticed that Home Depot temporarily was not showing up as a brand on the Trunited platform.

That’s because Home Depot decided to change clearing houses and Trunited utilized it as an opportunity to set up a new relationship with the home improvement giant.

We are happy to announce that Home Depot is back on Trunited and better than ever! You can now find it on The Wall or by CLICKING HERE.

Home Depot now pays Trunited customers back up to 8% profit points on select purchases.  It’s a fantastic offer from a brand so many of us utilize in our day-to-day lives!

And remember…we also offer Home Depot Gift Cards for that double dip!

Happy Late Father’s Day present, Trunited Nation!

Important Note: Points should start showing up by the end of the week, but you are free to shop now and all transactions will be tracked and rewarded by the system.


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