Guest Shopper

Guest Shopper is a term used to describe a user without a account who purchases something that earns profit point rewards for another user, usually an acquaintance  of the guest Shopper who referred them through a link to Trunited. 

Through Pointribution, the platform’s funding system, a user’s monthly points contribution includes unlimited guest shopper access to the platform.  All available profit points, if the guest is using the user’s link, will be earned by the account holding user and will count as personal profit points for the month.  

“I have 4 guest customers this month who used Trunited Travel and earned 55 profit points from their purchases!”


Concepts and terms that provide further information: (click to learn)

SoComm, Profit Points, Payout Pool, Payback PercentagePoint Value, The WallCustomerPointholder, Marketer


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