Get Your Profit Points

Trunited is the exclusive home of Socialized Commerce. It’s an online platform that has developed relationships and deals with a wide variety of brands and companies. Each brand and company comes with its own unique value and opinion on paying customers to shop and buy their products.  They have had to answer the not-often-asked-question, “How much will you pay us to buy your product?”  or “How much will you pay us to buy from you and not them?”  or…

It is a really bold question, but one that must be asked.  And while it may be hard for one shopper to ask that of a company, it’s easier for a community of shoppers to combine their purchasing power and ask.  That’s what Trunited does for you.  And it’s YOU that invokes a response from many great companies when asked that tough question.  They want you and they would rather pay Trunited for your loyalty than a marketing agency who creates a superbowl ad for them.  Why?  Because not only do the methods of old not create the desired and much needed loyalty, there is no payment made until a sale is made.  It is a win for the brand and a win for you, the consumer.  Trunited is the platform that yields loyalty for brands and gives a powerful voice to every day consumers.

So, if all else is equal, from quality, price and service of a brand or product, “How much are you willing to pay us to buy from you instead of them?”

The answer to that question has added hundreds of products and retailers to the Trunited platform with a wide range of negotiated terms offering a payback percentage.  This means if a company has a negotiated commission of 10% on a gift card, when you spend $100, Trunited is paid $10.  In this case, you get 10 Profit Points.

There are many brands you’ve seen all your life and a few others who have grown up online only with the booming world of ecommerce platforms like Amazon.  The rule of thumb is that the more brick and mortar the company is, the less they will be able to pay back to Trunited.  The opposite is also true.  The more internet based a company is, the more they see Trunited as a robust platform and an additional channel of distribution that allows them to tap in to loyal consumer base and grow their brand.  It’s important to note that these brands are paying Trunited, not shoppers.  Trunited simply chooses to reward the shopper with an opportunity to earn for helping Trunited with its primary purpose – to generate leads as a marketing platform for these brands.  It’s a common-sense flow if you think about it and it puts you, the shopper, in the driver’s seat in a way never yet done.

If you purchase a product from Trunited’s Checkout System, you get rewarded with points instantly.The points awarded to products purchased on Trunited’s Checkout vary based on their overall benefit to the community payout pool.  The higher the payback to Trunited, the higher the instant points.  The more profitable an item is, the more points it will carry.  The higher the points, the more it will positively impact the point value which results in a higher return for pointholders.

The best news for a pointholder who loves the Trunited platform is that the bigger Trunited grows, the bigger the combined buying power it has and the better the deals will become for the Trunited community.  This translates in to more points and more earnings.  It will also translate in to more products, more brands and more companies that want to plug in to the growing group of loyal consumers and marketers who are growing the company and getting paid in the process.

You deserve to be paid for your effort and your input, and so the Pay Plan 360, Trunited’s shopping and earnings algorithm, is designed to make sure you can get paid in as many ways possible in order to reflect your true impact on the Payout Pool. You get paid all of the traffic you drive to brands, and all of the traffic you create through your purchases. Essentially, you get rewarded for helping Trunited do its primary job: creating leads for brands.

Each purchase is tracked through a system of profit points, which are assigned to each product based on how much money the transaction contributes to the Payout Pool. The payout for various items can vary greatly, as different brands are willing to provide different levels of payback to Trunited for their products.


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