How to Fund Your TruWallet

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Trunited is now offering huge payouts on gift cards, Brand Bucks, TruBox, and Big Reward Brands…and with some of the absolute titans of commerce on board.

It’s an exciting time to be a Trunited shopper for sure! With cash back for enjoying the brands you already use, these cards are a no-brainer.

So how do you maximize your profit points?

It’s easy. Just use your TruWallet. It’s smart to add to your TruWallet for all Trunited shopping, and your account will be the exclusive option used to obtain gift cards and Brand Bucks, among other things. If you don’t have enough funds, it will prompt you to load more, which is an easy process. Plus, money can always be easily withdrawn from your account whenever you like.

There are three easy ways to add money to your account:

1. Shop, Share, and Earn

At the end of the month, your loyalty reward earnings will automatically be added to your TruWallet. So as you grow your network, you’ll have plenty of funds ready to go and you can acquire your gift cards, Brand Bucks, and more with the click of the button.

2. Fund Your Account with Zelle easy payments

Zelle is an industry leader for sending money easily. It is partners with hundreds of banks (as you can see right here). All you have to do is use the Zelle payment option found in your banking app and funding your TruWallet will be incredibly easy.

Simply use your banking app (or Zelle app) to send a payment to and enter your member id under “Memo”.


The transaction will generally take minutes to go through!

(Although 95% of Zelle payments occur within minutes, a few payments using Zelle may take between 1-3 business days based on a particular bank’s integration with Zelle.)

3. Fund Your Account Instantly with a Debit or Credit Card

This option is instant and easy, but please note that there is a 3.99% service fee for each card transaction and plan accordingly. Also note that we evaluated the wallets of the world, (i.e. Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal) and found that these platforms charge 3-5% transaction fees to fund their wallets with a debit or credit card.  Trunited’s TruWallet will have a 3.99% transaction fee to fit in to the industry standard and offset the cost of merchant processing fees.

Entering Your 4 Digit Pin

The new TruWallet requires a 4 digit pin to be entered on checkout. If you registered for Trunited on or before March 4th, 2019 you have a pin set to the last 4 digits of your member ID. (This pin was sent out in a text message on the morning of March 28, 2019 to all of these members.) Any member that registered starting March 5th has entered their own PIN number on the member registration page. Either way, the 4 digit PIN can be updated any time in the TruWallet profile.


Easy Access to Your Balance

The TruWallet also is set up so that you don’t need to log in to your TruWallet in order to see your TruWallet balance. The balance will be displayed on your BACK OFFICE dashboard.

Other benefits of the TruWallet include:

No start-up fees
No monthly fees
A simple and intuitive user interface
TruWallet funding with Zelle in minutes
Funding with credit and debit cards


For more info on how to use the new TruWallet, check out this helpful screencast: