Embracing the Give to Grow Mindset

A company’s culture is everything.

If you’re going to put time and effort into building a business, you want to be proud of that business. Trunited was designed to make you proud. It’s all about helping others grow. In fact, to find big-time results in Trunited, you need a give to grow mindset. The more people who approach others from a place of generosity, the better we will all do together.

With that in mind, Trunited Management Partner Carlos Salguero laid out how you can help establish a culture of which the Trunited Family can be proud!

Carlos asked for your help in establishing a culture of:


You need to be invested in both your results, and the results of others. This is your business; make sure you treat it as such.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

To find success over time, innovation is required. Trunited has always evolved to meet the moment and adaptability is a necessary trait for entrepreneurship.

People over Money.

Money can’t be your main focus. It’s all about the relationships you build. Look to build those relationships and help others succeed, and money will naturally follow.

Thinking Big and Focusing Small.

Everyone has big dreams. That’s a good thing. It keeps us motivated. But don’t get so caught up in big goals that you forget what gets you there: small, consistent daily actions.

Actions over Words.

We’ve all met that person who talks about past accomplishments and makes big promises. Don’t say what you did. Do what you say you’ll do. Everybody respects a team player.

Mentorship and Training.

It’s vital not to just be a mentor, but to utilize mentors. We can all find growth and help from each other. Bring people up to your level of training. and constntly utilize leaders to improve your own knowledge and skillset.

Leaning into Success.

Negativity get us nowhere. Be ready for the opportunities ahead of you with a positive, open mindset.

Adding Value to Others.

Don’t ever “pitch” to others. Be open, establish a connection, and really ask yourself how you can add value to each individual. Find out why they want Trunited, and share your reasons as well. Common values make a powerful team. This will come in handy in life, and it will be invaluable for your business.


The biggest difference between winning and losing is not quitting.


Trunited gives 100% of profits back to you every month. No other company is doing this. It’s because we truly believe generosity is an incredibly powerful tool for positive growth.

A great way to embrace that give to grow mindset? Join us every Wednesday at 6:30 PM PST on the Fast Track Fellowship Zoom.