Embracing a Growth Mindset

Your mindset will have a bigger impact on your longterm success than anything else. The great thing about that is that YOU have ultimate control over your mindset!

So as we head toward 2021, what better time to take stock of your mindset than now?

As Carlos outlined beautifully on Monday’s webinar (and in the graphic below), there are two main types of mindsets: A Fixed Mindset and a Growth Mindset.

As a business owner, you need that Growth Mindset. It’s like Vengo or…(what’s that other thing people drink?) water. It’s your entrepreneurial life force.

So check out that graphic above and ask yourself, “How accurately does that Growth Mindset describe me?”

Do I:

  • Embrace Challenges?
  • Persist in the Face of Setbacks?
  • See Effort as the Path to Mastery?
  • Learn from Criticism?
  • Find Lessons and Inspiration in the Success of Others?

Chances are, you don’t check all of these boxes all of the time. But that’s the beautiful thing about a Growth Mindset…It allows you to grow! So develop that entrepreneurial intelligence and keep growing. There’s no limits to your potential if you set no limits yourself!