Edification is Everything

Edification matters.

Trunited offers a time-tested script for success, and it is centered around proper edification (talking up an expert before introducing them). If you’re following that script and not getting the results you desire, there’s a good chance better edification will help immensely.

To truly understand great edification, you need to see it in practice.

And…you’re in luck! Watch the fantastic training from James Wood below. We’ve included the talking points on edification underneath it so you can follow along.

But pay particular attention to one thing: the way James Katina introduces James Wood.

It’s edification at its finest, and it is what you need to be doing every single time you introduce an expert.


Here’s the key talking points James covers in the edification training:

  • Say this: “I’m just getting started. This is really important to me. I don’t want to mess this up. Let me connect you with someone I’m working with who’s teaching me how to successfully build my business.”
  • Set up a meeting one of three ways: 1. Reach out to a mentor in advance and let them know you’ll be making calls in a window. 2. Send out a text to the mentor. 3. Make it a 3 way message or call.
  • Include both the first name AND last name of the person you’re edifying. Don’t introduce James. Introduce James Katina. Use the first and last name of your prospect as well.
  • Never exaggerate claims. Edify people you believe in so you don’t have to make things up.
  • If working with one to three experts consistently, write down your reasons for edification so they are seamless and natural.
  • Boomerang – when you edify someone, they can now edify you back. They will be able to do this regardless of your experience level or standing. Don’t worry.
  • Edify your expert more than your prospect. You’re setting this person up to be an expert, so let them be the expert.
  • Once you edify, you have one more job: step back. Don’t try to be the expert. Don’t brag about yourself.