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Dr. Nico Explains Trunited


Trunited, home of the most loyal shoppers on earth.

Trunited is a website that connects brands and shoppers, and rewards shoppers for shopping. Shop and Earn.

Brands want to get their products in your hands. They use platforms like Trunited that pay you for shopping. But Trunited isn’t just another shop and earn website. It’s a chance for normal people to earn a piece of the next social networking giant.

Users can share the website with others and earn more.

We’ve proven our ability to build large networks of people. Just look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Amazon. Built by folks like you, me and people we’ve never met across the world. Digital connectivity of Billions of People.

Trunited’s product is loyalty. Creating loyalty for brands. Creating loyalty for you. A win win that connects us all – both digitally and creatively. Where every purchase earns and adds to a growing bucket… rewarding our combined purchasing power.

Long-lasting loyalty. Because at the end of the day, life is about you… It’s about your person.. your people… . It’s about what we can do, together. In harmony.

Trunited. Truly United. Where loyal shoppers earn.


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With Each Purchase Comes the Opportunity To Earn Profit Points. More Points, More Pay!

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Earn Points for Traffic

With Each Referral Comes An Opportunity to Earn More Profit Points. Perpetual Pay!

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Cash in on Profit Points

Trunited Converts Points To Cash Monthly. Withdraw, Transfer or Spend. It’s Up to You!

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