Did You Know? It’s Never Been Easier to Become a Trunited Promoter

UPDATE: You no longer need 6 connections to become a promoter! Just connect three people who do 30 points in a given month and you’re a Promoter!

With Trunited.com recently launching Trunited V, one important change to the algorithm might have gotten lost in the shuffle. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a huge change.

Attaining the rank of Promoter has gotten easier!

Promoter is a term used to describe the rank and title of an account-holding user who has earned 30 points in a given month and referred 3 users who have also earned 30 points while referring one user each who has done the same.  A Promoter earns 2 levels of depth credit. It is the first rank marketers can achieve.

Prior to the launch, Promoters required six connections instead of three. It’s just another measure designed to help each and every shopper in Trunited succeed as we all move forward together!



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