Dare to Be a First Timer

It’s not easy being the first to do something. If it were, other people would have done it first!

Being a trendsetter often requires insight, innovation, and even patience. But it can pay off big time when you’re willing to put yourself out there!

Do you dare to be first?

Sometimes, that requires doing things you’ve never done before.

If you want to be the first Pacesetter in your group (or the first Influencer, or the first Legend), you’ll need to take full ownership of your business. The buck will have to stop with you. You’ll have to get rid of all excuses and move forward each day. You’ll have to truly accept mentorship from a leader and work hard to become a leader yourself.

You’ll have to do things for the first time.

But in the end, when you dare to be a first timer, you’ll also get results unlike anything you’ve ever seen!