Distribution Equals Contribution

Distribution equals Contribution is a phrase used to describe the concept that a Trunited user will only ever earn an equivalent share of the payout for the contribution they make to the platform.  Contribution refers to the value the user has added to the Trunited platform, community and payout pool while distribution refers to the reward issued to users.

Trunited is a social commerce platform where the collective purchasing power, effort and actions of many individuals directly affects the success of the entire system.  As such, it is imperative that the rules and algorithm promote fairness and equal opportunity to all.  Trunited goes to great lengths to protect users from the improper treatment of the platform by others that may impact a user’s success and earnings negatively.  Users are encouraged to report abuse and hold others accountable to an unspoken honor code if they see or hear of anything that may impact the platform’s users, brand, or point value.  See rules, guidelines, terms of service and the pay plan 360 guidebook for more information.  


“What I love most about Trunited is that if I put in the effort, I will be rewarded accordingly based on the distribution equals contribution philosophy that governs the decision making of Trunited leaders.”


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