Connect with the Trunited Logo

Trunited is a lot like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – everything you see is… well, edible. Meaning, there is always something to bite in to and learn to nearly everything touching Trunited – from the name, logo, color schemes, use of certain terms and more. These are the things that create such a profoundly fun and robust company culture that is deserving of one’s pride and loyalty.  Check out the new logo and see how much more you connect with it once you know the story of the elements of it.

I believe that when we tell the stories behind our brand, it connects people more closely to it. It makes us proud to be connected to such a story. When we are proud and connected, sharing becomes very simple.

See if you can identify the following concepts that are built in to the new logo.

  1. Lighthouse: When you isolate the i by itself with the orange symbol, it looks like a lighthouse. Trunited is a beacon of hope for brands, consumers and an industry almost a century old.
  2. Shooting Star: The symbol looks like a shooting star. Trunited is a rare, unique and easily missed moment in time opportunity. There will never be another one like it. Only visible if you’re looking up or if someone points it out to you. “If you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are…”
  3. You and I: You first then me. That’s what give to grow means. I can have anything I want in life so long as I am first willing to help you get everything you want. The symbol extends over the letters UNI in Trunited.
  4. Ripple Effect: The dot of the i is a ripple effect symbol when you zoom in very close. Ripple effect is the impact of our “splash”. Each of us can make as big a splash as we wish. Our success is tied to how far our ripples can extend beyond us.  The ripple effect lines grow much larger with each movement outwards, reminding us to make sure we empower others to carry a stronger impact and to duplicate with a “pay it forward” mindset and attitude.
  5. Flying Superhero: Of course, can’t miss how the symbol appears to be superman/woman flying across the top of Trunited.