Compression is a term used in volume driven multi-level industry pay plans.  Compression, or Dynamic Compression as it is known, is a process whereby the sales volume for commissions skips over individuals in the network who haven’t reached the level of required volume outside of one branch of business as it flows from bottom to top in a multi-level marketing pay plan.  The individuals being skipped are “compressed” out of the pay plan’s month end logic and typically do not earn on the network volume flowing through their business.

Trunited’s algorithm is built on Structure Driven logic and has a mild 1 point qualification compressor to motivate monthly active engagement and works as an anti-block mechanism for users who are actively building a network.  Additionally, when a user is inactive for 6 months, their account is deactivated and the network is compressed up.  For more details, see Skip Compression.

“Trunited has two forms of mild compression:  1.  The 6-month deactivation of accounts with no volume or activity and 2.  The Skip Provision.”


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