Ciela Skin

Ciela Skin is the brand for skin care under the NG Brands created by Trunited founder, Dr. Nicolas Porter, to provide the Trunited user with an exceptional value, performance and earn back opportunity that other brands could not provide.

In an industry full of marketing gimmicks and fluff to justify overpriced items that contain no significant differentiator in the efficacy of skin care ingredients, Ciela Skin was developed and added to the platform in order to provide an alternative option to shoppers and set the bar high for other brands to compensate the platform for creating loyalty.  Ciela products offer the platform’s highest earnings back to the consumer while being priced at half the value vs. other comparable products on the market.

The word Ciela is taken from the Spanish word “Cielo” which means Heaven and is pronounced “See-El-Uh.” Heavenly Skin.

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“Ciela Skin products have made my skin feel smooth, fresh and revitalized.”


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