Check Out These Website Upgrades!

Trunited is getting bigger and better every single day, so it only makes sense that the website follows suit…

Which is why we’re excited to announce that several upgrades have been implemented to the site for your benefit, including:

  • Faster Page Loads
  • A Better Mobile Experience
  • An Updated Home Page
  • A New Intuitive Checkout Process
  • A Redesigned Customer Dashboard with a New Passport Design

When checking out, you’ll now go through an easy redesigned process that ensures your information and preferences are correct on all orders.

When looking over your account on the back-end of the site (passport, customer dashboard, etc.) you’ll notice a sleeker and more user-friendly design.


It’s all part of Trunited’s commitment to make this the Best Platform Imaginable for the Most Loyal Shoppers on Earth!


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