Check Out These Template Ideas to Set Any Small Business Apart

The Trunited Notes 31 Days of Gratitude have begun!

We hope you’re excited to send one Trunited Note each day this month to a loved one, but we also hope you keep in mind another incredibly powerful aspect of this amazing Trunited Notes feature.

Trunited Notes is the perfect personal touch to set your (or any) small business apart.

To show you what we mean, the Trunited team quickly created four examples of potential notes that could be sent by businesses. To inspire real businesses, we used some fun businesses we made up.

Return Visit Doctor’s Office

Perfectly Real Estate

Cleaning Up Pool Cleaners

Personal Touch Dog Groomers

These businesses are dedicated to setting themselves apart from the competition using Trunited Notes, just like you or a business owner you know can be!

Run a doctor’s office? Looking to keep patients engaged? They don’t call our imaginary medical clinic “Return Visit” for nothing.

Why? Because we send a Trunited Note to each new patient to let them know we care. Just like Trunited Founder Dr. Nico did when he started Risas Dental. Dr. Nico credits his personal letters as one of the foundational aspects to his huge success.

Wouldn’t you be more likely to make a return visit to a doctor who puts an extra personal touch to your visit? Details matter.

Who wouldn’t love to get a picture of their new house in the mail?

That’s what Perfectly Real Estate does, because real estate agents are working with clients who are making one of the biggest decisions of their lives. So a real estate agent you can trust is gold. A great way to build that trust is by sending a personal picture to each client whom you’ve recently sold a house.

Talk about positive brand association! Next time they’re looking, or a friend asks for a recommendation, your name is bound to come up.

And that’s just one of thousands of ways a real estate agent can set himself or herself apart using Trunited Notes. The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.

Every week, Jarvis (of Trunited fame) pays his pool cleaner. But he never sees him. He couldn’t tell you his name or what he looks like. He’s pretty sure the pool gets cleaned, but who really knows.

But what if Jarvis went with Cleaning Up Pool Cleaners instead? They make personal cards for each customer thanking them for their business and letting clients know they are on top of things. For the biggest clients, Cleaning Up even send pictures of the actual pool they just cleaned!

Now Jarvis could put his mind at ease and focus even more on making Trunited Notes awesome.

It makes a big difference.

And you know who really makes a big difference? Personal Touch Dog Grooming.

For every new furry friend who enters their doors, Personal Touch takes an after picture.

They throw that picture on their pre-made design, add the pet’s actual name, and send out a reminder two months later to each new client.

Which dog groomer are you using? I’m using the one who sends me cute pictures of my dog.

Have stories or suggestions on how Trunited Notes can be used to advance small businesses? Let the Trunited Nation know by posting on social media!



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