Pay Plan Videos- Building with Skip Compression


Every single aspect of the Pay Plan 360 is meticulously designed to benefit each and every user of the Trunited platform by raising the point value and rewarding commerce creation and influence.

One such very important safeguard for master marketers is the Skip Compression. This prevents somebody who doesn’t want to participate or follow best practices from blocking you from success.

The Skip Compression also aids in an aspect that is particularly important to Trunited’s collective success: structure creation. The system is set up to develop PaceSetters because PaceSetters are a foundational block to a booming Network. To truly thrive, it’s vital that purchases are being made through the Trunited Marketplace and that sustainable groups of marketers are being built. PaceSetters are key to both of these necessities.

For these reasons, the Pay Plan 360 includes the following Skip Compression:

Those with less than 30 points in a given month are
skipped by those who do contribute at least 30 points.
These significant contributors are moved up depth credit levels within their given legs, thus eliminating zero point blockages that prevent skilled marketers from receiving the proper compensation for their efforts.

Here’s an example: (PAUSE)

The pointholder with only 10 points moves down and the 30-point contributor moves up to ensure a stronger structure.

Here are two more examples. (PAUSE)

As previously mentioned, PaceSetters are the building block of Trunited and ensure a higher point value for everyone. The skip compression allows everyone to benefit from structure stability.

However, it is important to note that 30 points must be met in order to move up, and that the marketer match rule supersedes skip compression. So a skip only occurs when someone has not met the match criteria. If someone has 50 or 100 points, for instance, they are not moved up past a contributor with 30 points:

It’s also important to note that the skip compression is a carefully considered measure to promote structure and increase the point value. It is specifically designed to benefit influential marketers who build connections and implement the Give to Grow concept. Add people to and help them become invested, successful Trunited marketers and the results will follow.


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