Building Relationships

After a huge month of April, Trunited members were presented with a #momentum challenge: send messages every day of the week (increasing by one each day) to people on their friends list.

The plan was also to not only build momentum, but also to get people in the habit of reaching out each day. It’s not always easy to start, but once you get used to it, these daily messages are everything. In fact, the contacts you make this way are essential. Because this business is built on the relationships you make.

For the immediate future, focus on sending out ten messages a day. It’s Step 3 of “Two Products, Three Steps”.

Remember, however, that not all messages are created equal. If you approach someone with a sale, you’re setting yourself up for failure. If you approach with the mindset of adding value and building a relationship, the possibilities are endless.

In a recent webinar, Trunited Management Partner Carlos Salguero described this as the difference between “machine gun messaging” and “sniper messaging”.

People can tell when you care and when you don’t. If you indiscriminately reach out to large numbers with a business pitch, you’re basically a telemarketer. If you approach your friends list as a rolodex of friends, looking to get to know people better and to potentially help better their situations…then you just might be able to actually, you know, get to know them AND improve their situations!