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If you love earning money just for shopping and sharing, then Brand Bucks™ are the solution from which dreams are made. These single-use codes allow you to shop with amazing brands, earn points that become cash, and even save instantly.

Here’s a good way to understand the remarkable value Trunited can offer through Brand Bucks™:

Not every brand has an easily accessible gift card at your local grocery store. And there’s no shortage of ambitious up-and-coming brands that are incredibly eager to get their products in your hands. That’s where Prepaid Brand Bucks™ come in. Now you can access brands that crave your loyalty and are excited to show their loyalty to you in return. That means BIG PROFIT POINTS!

Love Phytorite? Order a $50 prepaid option and get 30% profit points back! You’ll get a single-use code via email and instant points (15 pts. in this instance). Head to and enter your code to redeem the code at any time.

Love natural beauty products? Get a prepaid Brand Buck from Era Organics or Majestic Pure. They both offer big points!

Prepaid Brand Bucks are easy, instant, and lucrative, and for a skilled Trunited Marketer, the sky is the limit with Brand Bucks™.

The list of brands who are eager to help you live life and get paid is growing. And the more we show our loyalty to these outstanding Brand Bucks™ vendors and share with others who will do the same, the more we’ll be able to add to the payout pool every month. So check out our growing assortment of prepaid Brand Bucks right away, and grab those points today!