Bonus Points

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How can I earn Bonus Points?


What it means:

Bonus Points is a term used to describe the bonus profit points that can be earned by Trunited users for actions that reduce platform expenses in areas like shipping, logistics and merchant bank fees.  This system is set up to motivate users to take ownership in the company’s success and assist in creating the largest payout pool possible for the Trunited community.  The success and growth of Trunited results in increased reach for users to build the network and earn more.  

More Background and Detail:

Because the size of the community payout pool is tied to the revenue and expenses of Trunited, users not only hold an important role in the shopping and sharing of the platform to generate revenue, but also in helping the company minimize its expenses.  The pool of money to be paid out each month increases when more revenue is added and less is paid out in expenses.   With that in mind, Trunited has developed a way to motivate users to take advantage of this opportunity and in addition to the benefit of an increased payout pool size, the users also earn Bonus Points which ensures they get their fair share of that growing pool of money from cost savings actions.

Auto-Shipping | 10%

One of the biggest expenses in an e-commerce business is shipping logistics.  This is where Trunited adds Bonus Point opportunities.  The company’s monthly auto-ship program saves the platform by consolidating shipping with several brands.  As opposed to shipping one box per brand when an order is placed, auto-shipping is set up to deliver consumer staples in one shipment per month and earns the user and extra 10% bonus points for using this service.  In addition to shipping consolidation savings, this allows brands to forecast inventory needs which makes their business predictable and allows them to offer a higher payback which is passed on to the Trunited users through these Bonus Points.  An order that earns 50 profit points will add 5 bonus profit points (50 x 10%=5) when the order is an autoship order.

Overall, these actions account for thousands of dollars saved with hundreds of participating users and millions of dollars saved with thousands of users.  Money saved means more to the payout pool to be paid out to platform users.  Trunited plans to add more Bonus Point opportunities to the platform as it grows.  Through these Bonus Point opportunities, platform users are able to dictate if more money goes to them or the big banks and shipping companies.  

“I earn 10% in bonus point rewards for using the TruBox Club each month.”


A Trunited user makes an auto-ship purchase on the website and earns 50 profit points.  They will also earn an extra 10% bonus points.  The total points earned from this order is 55 points.



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