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What it means:

Bonus Points is a term used to describe the bonus profit points that can be earned by Trunited users for actions that reduce platform expenses in areas like shipping, logistics and merchant bank fees.  This system is set up to motivate users to take ownership in the company’s success and assist in creating the largest payout pool possible for the Trunited community.  The success and growth of Trunited results in increased reach for users to build the network and earn more.  

More Background and Detail:

Because the size of the community payout pool is tied to the revenue and expenses of Trunited, users not only hold an important role in the shopping and sharing of the platform to generate revenue, but also in helping the company minimize its expenses.  The pool of money to be paid out each month increases when more revenue is added and less is paid out in expenses.   With that in mind, Trunited has developed a way to motivate users to take advantage of this opportunity and in addition to the benefit of an increased payout pool size, the users also earn Bonus Points which ensures they get their fair share of that growing pool of money from cost savings actions.

Local Product Pick-Up | 15%

Another Bonus Points opportunity is selecting “Local Pick-Up” at the company’s local pick-up locations.  When making a purchase directly from the website, a user can elect to pick-up their order from the location closest to them.  Selecting this option saves the platform thousands of dollars and directly increases the community payout pool.  As a result of these savings, the platform awards the user an extra 15% bonus points on their order.  An order that earns 50 profit points will add 7.5 bonus profit points (50 x 15%=7.5) when the order is picked up.  This option is only available when a pick up location is in the state of the billing address used for the purchase.

The TruBox Club | 10%

One of the biggest expenses in an e-commerce business is shipping logistics.  This is where Trunited adds Bonus Point opportunities.  The Trubox Club, the company’s monthly auto-ship program, saves the platform by consolidating shipping with several brands.  As opposed to shipping one box per brand when an order is placed, the TruBox Club is set up to deliver consumer staples in one shipment per month and earns the user and extra 10% bonus points for using this service.  In addition to shipping consolidation savings, the TruBox Club allows brands to forecast inventory needs which makes their business predictable and allows them to offer a higher payback which is passed on to the Trunited users through these Bonus Points.  An order that earns 50 profit points will add 5 bonus profit points (50 x 10%=5) when the order is a TruBox Club order.

Special Occasions | 10%

The TruBox tool also has a feature that allows you to set up an order that can be delivered by a specific date.  For example, if a user needs to order roses each year for Valentines Day, a Birthday, Mother’s Day or any other time, the Special Occasions tool is the perfect solution to make sure those orders aren’t forgotten.  Plus, like the TruBox, any order placed using the special occasions feature will earn the user an additional 10% profit points.  Just add the name, address, date, occasion and click save.  The feature will send the user an email 10 days prior to the shipment date to confirm the order.  The user earns points, bonus points and never misses a birthday or special occasion again!  An order that earns 50 profit points will add 5 bonus profit points (50 x 10%=5) when the order is set up with the special occasions tool.  

Transfer Earnings to Trunited Gift Card | 5%

In addition to the savings through shipping logistics, another area of considerable savings for the Trunited platform is merchant bank fees.  Each time a credit card is used to make a purchase on the website, the merchant processor charges Trunited a processing fee.  To save the platform money and increase the community payout pool, Trunited users are encouraged to transfer a portion of their earnings in to Trunited Gift Card credit.  When this is done, earnings can be recycled within the platform and credit card fees are avoided.  Trunited offers bonus points of 5% to users when they transfer earnings in to Trunited Gift Card credit.  A transfer of $100 will earn 5 bonus profit points (100 x 5%=5).  

Overall, these actions account for thousands of dollars saved with hundreds of participating users and millions of dollars saved with thousands of users.  Money saved means more to the payout pool to be paid out to platform users.  Trunited plans to add more Bonus Point opportunities to the platform as it grows.  Through these Bonus Point opportunities, platform users are able to dictate if more money goes to them or the big banks and shipping companies.  

“I earn 10% in bonus point rewards for using the TruBox Club each month.”

Example A:

A Trunited user makes a purchase on the website and earns 50 profit points.  They select “Ship with TruBox” on check out and earn an extra 10% bonus points.  The total points earned from this order is 55 points.

Example B:  

The same Trunited user from example A elects to pick up their order from the Trunited warehouse location in Denver, Colorado.  They earn an extra 12.5% bonus points.  The total points earned from their 50 point purchase is 57.5 points.

Example C:

A Trunited user earns $100 last month from the Trunited platform.  Because they want to save the platform money and earn more points, they elect to transfer the $100 earnings in to Trunited Gift Card credit to use for this month’s purchases.  They earn a 5% bonus for this transfer.  Their account is awarded 5 points for this action.


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