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What it means:

Best Practices Milestones is a term that describes the blueprint of growing a robust and successful Trunited network while adding the most positive impact on the Trunited payout pool and point value.  

The Trunited marketer that follows and achieves this network building blueprint and contributes long term stability to the Trunited community will earn a reversal of the impact of Match Depreciation. 

The Goal:  To build success within the system and earn more as a result of a user’s true contribution to the Trunited platform. 

See the Best Practices Milestones Schedule here.

More Background and Detail:

This blueprint is put forth to instruct any user on the best practices to be an effective marketer and provide the greatest possible contribution to the platform.  In return, the user is rewarded with reversing the effect of the match depreciation schedule and having the chance, through best-practice building, to earn 100% on every single position and all points in their network depth credit.  The user is able to distinguish their efforts drastically by building a network of loyal shoppers and marketers that best serves and rewards everyone involved.

Not only is the algorithm set up to protect the end user at all costs, its also designed to award those who positively impact the Payout Pool and Point Value.  When users impact the bottom line in a dramatic way, they deserve dramatic results. In this spirit, the algorithm includes exciting bonuses for those who follow and create the “Best Practices Blueprint.”

These best practices are designed to establish the building blocks upon which a strong and robust network should be constructed.  Because these best practices are designed to assist the user in constructing the most robust network, the items listed and taught are also a critical piece to an overall positive impact on the point value.

As such, these best practices carry a bonus value that will counteract match depreciation. For every best practice bonus achieved, the user will be rewarded by reversing one level of the match depreciation schedule.



These two concepts (Match Depreciation and Best Practices Milestones) combine to truly reward the user for the effort of following the simple recipe and its positive impact on the company point value. The company point value impacts and drives every single aspect of the company’s attractiveness to the “savvy shopper” and “entrepreneur.”

The Best Practices Milestones are as follows:


“Following the Best Practices Guidelines has been the most rewarding aspect of being a Trunited Entrepreneur.”


Example A:

Assume User B is on the 1st level of User A’s network and User C is on the second level. User A has 50 points and Users B and C each have 100 points. User A is the first to be awarded match points for User B’s points and therefore earns a 100% value of the 50 match points. So, User A would get 50 match points. If User C, in User A’s second level, has been matched upon, User A would be awarded 75% of the 50 points he qualifies to match upon, resulting in an additional 37.5 points.

However, if User A would have earned 100 personal points during the month, they would have earned a +1 on the Best Practices Milestones which would have reversed the depreciation and, instead of getting 75% for the second match of User C’s points, they would have received 100%. The entire scale moves +1, which means User A would get 75% on a third match, 50% on a fourth match, and so on. In essence, it’s a sliding scale that rewards a user by reversing the impact of match depreciation.

In this instance, thanks to the Match Up rule and Best practices, User A would go from 137.5 points to 300 points just by increasing personal points from 50 to 100 and earning Best Practice Milestone #1.

It’s important to note that a user can’t unlock the next level without first achieving the previous best practice bonus. To move up the scale, you must have completed all previous best practices.


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