Being a Master Pointholder

If you want to be a master marketer, it’s essential to be a master pointholder first.

So now that you’ve achieved marketer status, it is imperative to keep doing the things that have made you a successful pointholder.  Your ability to influence and create loyal leads for brands is directly connected to your ability to maintain the example you set as a pointholder.

While a pointholder has no qualification, no minimum to earn etc., YOU, to be considered a marketer in the most innovative marketing company on the planet, must demonstrate influence and qualify each month to participate in the marketer match bonus.

Those who earn at least 30 personal profit points each month and who also connect at least one person who also earns 30 points or more qualifies for match points on their connections.

And earning 30 points is easy. What’s important is earning points the right way and setting the right example for others.

Loyalty leads to perpetual and exponential growth.  It means an inevitable growth in the number of pointholders and a substantial growth in pointholder points.  As pointholder points grow in number, it’s essential to bring a focus on maintaining a stable and consistent point value.  There is nothing worse than increasing the number of points you have and seeing the value drop and eliminating the gains you could have had.

Your investment of time and money is precious to Trunited.  Your respect for the other users and pointholders in Trunited is expected.  Any abuse, purposeful or not, will be dealt with swiftly and is grounds for suspension and/or elimination of your account.

Now that the tough talk is out of the way, let’s focus on the biggest items that influence the point value.  Understanding how the collective power that all pointholders have in determining the point value is a very important aspect of the algorithm.  The Pay Plan 360 algorithm is very sensitive to the inputs and if the inputs don’t optimize it, the point value will go down from one month to the next.  It sets the dynamic that everyone who benefits is also in control of that benefit.  A drop by 10 cents per point can impact loyalty of pointholders in a big way so always try to follow the suggestions that follow.

These are actions you can take that positively impact the point value:

  • Purchase Products with the highest points and payouts.
  • Limit refunds, chargebacks and waste
  • Minimize bank fees by withdrawing from your account minimally and investing earnings back into the Trunited Marketplace.
  • Utilize auto shippin and its 10% extra profit points – Being able to forecast sales with the TruBox tool saves brands money which they pass on to Trunited
  • Shop gift cards and Brand Bucks cards regularly and keep your TruWallet funded and ready for points
  • Ask yourself before you buy something, “Can I Trunite this?”
  • Provide support and help to other pointholders
  • Never abuse the system or try to manipulate the algorithm. Safeguards are in place to ensure this is impossible, and we all do better when each pointholder and marketer is working in the interest of others.

Follow these rules and you’ll not only see your points go up, you’ll see the value of those points go up as well. Be a master pointholder. It’s the first step on your path to becoming a master marketer.


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