Becoming a Trunited Marketer

Once you become a Trunited Marketer, you’ll quickly begin to realize the power your influence can have. You’ll start to see results, and those you’ve brought to will start to see results as well. The inevitable question will be…How can I do even better?

Great news! Trunited is built with your success in mind. Remember, pointholders have control over their own success. The more influence you have on the bottom line, the more traffic you drive to brands, the more points you will get each month. And points equals money.

The fastest way to earn more points is to get access to more depth credit.

Depth credit refers to, quite simply, the depth of connections you make and the amount of profit points you get credit for in regards to that depth.

The more influence a marketer demonstrates in the Trunited Marketplace, the more credit he or she gets in profit points. For reference:

a) Someone you personally connect is in your first level of depth credit.

b) A participant who is connected by someone in your first level of depth is considered to be in your second level of depth.

c) When a participant in your second level connects someone to Trunited, that new participant is in your third level of depth credit.

d) And so on. A Trunited Marketer may receive up to fifteen levels of depth credit, although there are no limits to width, which refers to the number of people connected on a given level.

To get depth credit, you need to reach new levels of leadership and demonstrate your true level of influence as a Trunited Marketer. (Anyone who maintains marketer status is still considered a marketer, in addition to whichever subsequent leadership rank is obtained so we never lose focus of our goals and purpose).

A Promoter is someone who has connected at least three pointholders earning 30 points each to Trunited.

So if you connect three pointholders and they all create 30 points commerce in a given month, bam!

You are now a Promoter, entitled to two levels of depth credit.

And just as importantly, you’re on your way to bigger and better titles. Once you connect, your goal should be to connect 6-10 people in your close sphere of influence and get them to earn at least 30 points a month, just like if you joined Facebook, referred people to join it, and helped them learn to post content.


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