Becoming a Pacesetter Just Got Easier! (And Becoming a Promoter is a Cinch!)

As those who attended Trunite 2018 already know, some Pay Plan 360 enhancements have kicked in…and they’re a big deal.

It just got easier to become a Promoter and Pacesetter!

Prior to the launch, Promoters required six connections earning 30 points each month (30 pointers) and Pacesetters referred to those who connected three 30 pointers who each connected 2 30 pointers who each connected one monthly 30 pointer.

Now, it has been simplified considerably. And more importantly, it’s even easier.

To become a Promoter, connect three shoppers who earn 30 points each month.

To become a Pacesetter, connect six shoppers who earn 30 points each month.

It’s that easy!

Then, increase your depth credit by following Depth Credit Milestones and the Best Practices. Build the right way, and you’ll be a Legend in no time!

PLUS…You no longer need 30 points to be matched upon. Of course, you do need 30 points to earn matching. But if one of your connections in your group does less than 30 points, you’ll still be able to match on their points.

These enhancements are just another measure designed to help each and every shopper in Trunited succeed as we all move forward together!


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