Be Loyal

Loyalty is everything in Trunited.

Loyalty is our product. It’s right there in the tagline, Where Loyal Shoppers Earn. Loyalty is the reason that brands pay Trunited’s shoppers and marketers for their involvement and it’s the reason our shoppers and marketers value those brands.

Loyalty is also everything in life. What is more important in choosing your friends than loyalty? What’s more important in choosing a life partner. When a trust is developed between two people, there is little that can override it.

That’s why it is essential as a marketer that you be even more loyal than Trunited shoppers.

Be loyal to the brands that make this opportunity possible and continue to buy from them.

Be loyal to those you connect to the platform and never steer them wrong.

Be loyal to the concept of Socialized Commerce and make sure your actions are in line with what is best for everyone at all times.

The Pay Plan 360 rewards marketers who show they can be Master Pointholders, so lead by example and continue to shop the way you would want those you have connected to shop. Watch the video below and make sure you appreciate what  it truly means to serve the Most Loyal Shoppers on Earth, because here’s what it all boils down to in the end:

When you are worthy of trust, it becomes easy to trust you. And that is a huge advantage when you’re driving traffic to brands, as well as a huge advantage in life.