Be Humble

Humility is not an easy thing.

It’s only natural that when you accomplish something great or show great talent you want to tell the world. Similarly, when you’re a marketer who is finding great success with Trunited it’s totally natural to want to shout it from the rooftops and question anyone who doesn’t see it the same way.

The problem with that is simple. People don’t judge you on what you say. They judge you on what you do.

When you are quick to show off how well you’re doing with Trunited, it doesn’t create the same impact as when you are able to show them through your actions that Trunited pays.

As Dr. Nico likes to point out, when you work tirelessly in the service of others, you will always be taken care of…and that’s because people don’t forget you when you have a positive impact on them.

So don’t brag about how much you’re making. Instead, set someone on the right path to make money for himself or herself. Give that person a leg up, and you’ll find that you’re benefitting from it in the long run. It’s called “Give to Grow”, and it’s a key concept in Socialized Commerce.

The entire system is set up so that when you help others, you benefit. And when others help you, they benefit. It’s a symbiotic relationship that extends through every step in Trunited, and it’s how we’re able to offer everything Trunited provides to shoppers and marketers alike without requiring any fees to join or advance through the ranks.

So make¬†sure to do your part for others and maintain a “Give to Grow” mindset. And stay humble, even as you soar to new heights.

Always remember, a true master lets the skill speak for itself.