April Recognition Report

Payouts are in, and the State of the Trunited Nation is… Fantastic!

We’re just two months removed from the big launch of Trunited V, and the results are looking great.

In April, payouts remained steady and robust across all levels, and the average payout went up for Promoters and PaceSetters! The top Pacesetter this month earned almost $3,000, up nearly $1,000 from last month, and the average Pacesetter pay is now nearly $400 on average above the goal of $500 per month we would like 1 million families to eventually reach. 

Stay steady, follow best practices, and you’ll start seeing the results you desire. The numbers are there; it’s just a matter of following the plan and getting these results personally.

Check out the details:

Customers –

  • The average Customer took home $7 just for shopping like they would anyway.
  • The top-earning Customer earned $86 in April (without even becoming a Marketer).

Marketers –

  • The average Marketer took home $34 in April.
  • The top Marketer earned $173.
  • Purchasing the New and Improved Healthy Vida Power Pack Daily and helping one other person do the same is all you need to do to qualify as a Marketer each month.
  •  The Power Pack Daily only costs $49.99.

Promoters –

  • The average Promoter earned $207 in April, an average increase of nearly $20.
  • The top-earning Promoter garnered over $900 in April.
  • All you need to do to become a Promoter is earn 30 points in a given month and refer 3 users who also earn 30 points and who refer one user each who has done the same.
  • It has never been easier to qualify as a Promoter.

Pacesetters –

  • Trunited’s goal is to help 1 million families earn $500 per month.
  • The average Pacesetter in April earned $880, up from last month.
  • Look at that stat above. What would $880 each month do for you?
  • The top-earning Pacesetter took home over $2,900!

Influencers –

  • The average Influencer earned $4,275 last month.
  • An Influencer starts with access to 6 levels of depth credit.
  • You can gain access to 15 levels of depth credit in Trunited, with no limits on width.

This is just the beginning, Trunited Nation. With daily efforts to improve, inform, and excite anyone with an internet connection who likes to make money, we’re just getting started.

Let’s get out there and share links, prepare our TruBoxes, and shop, share and earn more so that May continues this amazing upward path for the Most Loyal Shoppers on Earth!

(Don’t forget: You can earn a bonus 5% for transferring your payout to a Trunited Gift Card!)


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