Achieving Your DREAMS

Everybody wants to live out their dreams, but so many people give up when things get hard.

Luckily, we have access to experts who are not only living their dreams, but who are excited to share the knowledge they have gained along their journey. Follow Carlos Salguero’s path to the letter and you too can live your biggest dreams!

Serve and Share

Decide –

If you’re serious about reaching your dreams, you need to make several decisions.

You need to decide to start. You need to decide to never give up. You need to decide that you will overcome all obstacles and maintain a growth mindset. Become a student, and decide to learn often while embracing failure as an opportunity to learn even more.

Record –

Don’t just have goals. Write them down.

In fact, you should write everything down. Set up a schedule and calendar. Record your daily activities and actions. When you make a mistake, jot it down. Then, when you learn a key lesson from those mistakes, record that as well.

Perhaps most importantly, write down your achievements so you can celebrate them!

Execute –

Once you’ve decided to pursue your dreams and start putting them down on paper, it’s time to execute.

Make those high value activities a daily thing so that they actually happen. Execute your self-development every day by putting in the work to learn and improve. Execute early and often to create habits of success.

Then, do a different type of execution…Execute your complaints and excuses so they are no more!

Affirm –

Affirm means to state as fact; to assert strongly and publicly.

Share your story and your progress with the world. Live your dreams in your mind. Think about them. Feel them. Speak them. Just remember that affirmation needs the other “A” word along for the ride: Action. When you’re taking the steps to get there, affirmations are of significant value.

Master –

This is what separates the legends from the rest. Take that next step to master your high-level activities, master your circle of influence and master your thoughts, feelings and words. By this point, your discipline and consistency will be second nature, meaning you’ll have winning habits ingrained in your daily life.

Serve and Share –

The ultimate measure of success is how much impact you can have on the lives of others. Get out there and serve selflessly. Share your story, share your gift, and share your business. If you can learn to share with no expectation other than helping others, good things will inevitably come your way; before you know it, you’ll be living your DREAMS!