A Message Regarding Changes to Zhou Nutrition Deals on Trunited.com

One of the beautiful things about Socialized Commerce is that brands and consumers alike are given control in the purchasing process. Brands can decide how much to offer to the Trunited Nation, and consumers can utilize their collective purchasing power to drive decisions and reward loyalty.

Zhou Nutrition, as a Big Reward Brand, has shown considerable loyalty to our shoppers, offering up very large profit points with each purchase. Through smart decisions like this, Zhou has seen a lot of recent success and has consequently adjusted their approach as their business scales up.

Zhou’s success recently earned them what most brands desire to achieve when they start out – a large company bought them and placed them in thousands of brick and mortar stores nationwide.  Their new strategy allows for their resellers to increase the price of their products because of an increased cost in wholesale.

We simply disagreed.  We do not want to increase price as our promise to consumers is to be equal pricing online across all platforms.

In deliberations with the brand, both parties came to an agreed new price structure that would still provide Trunited members the value for their collective purchasing power while allowing Zhou to fairly deal with their wholesale relationships.

In other words, Trunited maintains the highest earn-back price in Zhou’s reseller channels without needing to increase retail pricing.  Ours is priced the same as online retailers with a drop in points resulted from the growth of this brand with new strategy and management.  Thanks to Dr. Nico, Carlos Salguero and Scott Pratt, the result is double what was originally offered.

We encourage you to continue enjoying Zhou products while exploring the hundreds of other loyal brands on the Trunited platform. Nothing is easy, but with the right focus and edge, our story continues to resonate and push back on the mighty a la David and Goliath.


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